Whose idea was this Crazy Pajama Day Sale in Shipshewana?

That question has been asked numerous times. I don’t want to point fingers, but one of Shipshewana’s favorite merchants at Sarah Davis, Ltd. came up with the “crazy” idea 23 years ago, and WE LOVE IT! It’s such a fun day! It’s not uncommon for entire groups dressed in matching PJs to show up in Shipshewana for some great deals.

Ready. Set. Go. Ready for Pajama Day Fun!

Best Discounts before the Sun is Up

The best discounts are offered in the early morning hours, so with coffee in hand, and attired in PJs, bathrobes and slippers, ladies (and a few brave gents) scour the town of Shipshewana for the best deals they can find. The entire adventure leads to lots of laughter, several photos and some hot cocoa or pretzel breaks every now and then for refueling. 

A break to refuel for more Pajama Day Shopping

Pajama Day Sale Tradition

The entire morning is like a Pajama party on steroids.  23 years of this much anticipated event in the middle of winter has led to some incredible stories and memories.  Perhaps that is the reason people will brave all sorts of weather conditions to attend this event.  Maybe it’s the opportunity to gets deals on items that seldom go on sale in Shipshewana. Whatever the reason, Pajama Day Sale has become a Shipshewana Tradition.  I love seeing multi-generational families clad in PJ’s gathering around a table and showing off their purchases.  I smile when I witness life-long friends meeting up in Shipshewana, greeting each other with hugs, and just spending time “catching up” while searching for their purchases

Fun with friends at Pajama Day Sale!

The Genuis behind the Pajama Day Fun

So, who’s the genius behind all of this Pajama Day fun?   It’s our own Joanna King! Entrepreneur, small business owner, mother, wife and a lady who loves life and having fun!

JoAnna King (right) and husband, Levi King

When asked how she came up with the idea, she’ll tell you that it was either a Pajama Day Sale in one of the coldest months of year, or a Zucchini Day Sale in the middle of July.  While the idea of people bringing zucchini to Shipshewana to receive discounts sounded hilarious, she wasn’t quite sure what to do with all of the zucchini.    Discounts just for wearing your pajamas sounded equally hilarious, especially in the middle of winter. Thus, birthed the idea for Pajama Day Sale! The rest is history.    Joanna never imagined such a “crazy” winter adventure would catch on like it has, but apparently everyone enjoys a good ole Pajama Party!   I’m so glad she went with the PJ Day Sale idea, aren’t you?

Mark the Date. Join in the Fun.

Pajama Day Sale is always the first Saturday in February, and shoppers are up “before the rooster crows” as we say in rural Indiana.  This year, the fun takes place on February 2, 2019.   You can find the Pajama Day deals listed on Shipshewana.com.   The list will keep being updated as the day draws closer, so keep checking back.