Quilters’ Delight

by Marcia Eichhorn

The Shipshewana Quilt Festival is held in June every year.  It’s not uncommon to have enthusiastic quilt groups stay with me at Bright Morning Star Bed & Breakfast during the week of the festival.  I’ve enjoyed hosting Quilters from all over the world at my bed and breakfast and have often been told my home is a Quilter’s delight.  Throughout the year I will host fun-loving groups for a quilting retreat in my home.

Quilters Show and Tell

Quilters Show and Tell

My home works out well for quilters since I have a large well-lit 900 square foot room that is a perfect fit for group work.  I’ve found it to be Ideal for quilters, sewers, scrapbookers, and any other groups.   It makes for a great time of laughter and sharing stories.

Quilters' Workroom at Bright Morning Star Bed & Breakfast

Quilter’s Work room at Bright Morning Star Bed & Breadfast

Quite often my guests enjoy hearing about my Amish neighbors, and I thought you might like that as well, so let me introduce you to Pete and Lena.

Pete and Lena

My neighbors Pete & Lena, have 7 children.  One son and daughter are married.   There are 5 boys at home.   They till/farm 120 acres and 50 acres are woods.  They milk between 65-75 organic Holsteins.   Twice a day the cows mosey single file past my back door going to and from their pasture.   Every day the Organic Valley milk truck comes from Wisconsin to collect the milk.

Pete’s parents Noah and Amanda live in the dowdy house.   Their daughter Fannie lives with them.  That is why the house looks so long and big.  It is actually two homes. Lena makes 10 loaves of bread a week to feed her 5 hungry boys at home

Homemade Amish Wheat Bread

Homemade Amish Wheat Bread

It is amazing how much washing an Amish family has.  She uses a wringer washing machine and hangs the clothes outside to dry all year long.   Lena often has 20 pairs of trouser on the line to dry.

Laundry Day at Pete & Lena's House

Laundry Day at Pete & Lena’s House

She is a very busy mother.   During the Christmas holiday I was invited to share a meal.  We had homemade ice cream and pulled taffy.  It is all so delicious.  She served the following dessert, or you might use it for a salad.  Either way it is one of my favorites.

A Favorite Dessert – Swedish Crème Dessert

2 c. half-n-half (cream)
1 c. sugar
1 t. vanilla
1 t. almond
1 T. Knox unflavored gelatin
2 c. sour cream
In a sauce pan mix and heat cream and sugar, do not boil.

  1. Let it cool for about 15 minutes, then whisk in vanilla, almond, Knox gelatin, and sour cream.
  2. Pour into jello mold and chill.
  3. Serve with your favorite fruit pie filling.

This time of year wouldn’t fresh strawberries or blueberries be delicious served with this?   Enjoy!

Marcia Eichhorn is the owner of Bright Morning Star Bed and Breakfast which is nestled in Northern Indiana Amish country among beautiful Amish farms.  Her guests often ask questions about the Amish & Amish recipes and she is happy to share what she has learned throughout the years from her Amish friends and neighbors.