Living My Dream in Amish Country

By Marcia Eichhorn

I grew up on a farm in Iowa, where my father farmed with horses.  I remember us going to Hazleton, Iowa (an Amish settlement).  We would go to get a harness fixed or to look for a horse to buy.  It was amazing to see the people with different clothing, blue curtains in every window in virtually every home, and seeing the number of children in large families.

After college I moved from Iowa to take a teaching job in Elgin, Illinois where I taught 4th & 5th grade over 30 years.  For vacation I would sometimes come to Shipshewana, Indiana.  In time I befriended ladies who operated some of the first B&B’s in the area. To make a long story short, in 2004 I bought 3 acres nestled among Amish Farms. It was a challenge designing and building Bright Morning Star Bed and Breakfast, but I enjoyed it immensely Living near the Amish people I fondly remembered from childhood, sharing my gift of hospitality, and welcoming people to my home has been a dream come true.

Guests have asked for many of my breakfast and snack recipes.   My mother, sister, and friends have passed on many of their recipes to me and I seem to have inherited my mother’s love for writing down recipes.   My sister taught home economics and has provided me with many of her favorites.  I will try to share some of my recipes over the next several blogs.   In addition many of my guests ask me many questions about the Amish. I thought it would be enlightening to share with you some of those answers and give a glimpse into the Amish culture in this area of Indiana, along with some personal introductions and recipes of my Amish neighbors and friends.   In the blogs to come, I will share from my experience a close look at Amish schools, Amish church, childbirth, community support and funerals, Amish weddings, and ice cream suppers.  “Happy Learning and Bon Appetite’”

Marcia Eichhorn is the owner of Bright Morning Bed and Breakfast which is nestled in Northern Indiana Amish country among beautiful Amish farms.  Her guests often ask questions about the Amish & Amish recipes and she is happy to share what she has learned throughout the years from her Amish friends and neighbors.