RESTAURANT AND RETAIL SHOPS RESPONSE TO COVID19 With the coronavirus being the subject of growing concern, the Shipshewana Retail Merchants Association would like to provide its Guests with the most factual information and credible guidance at this date and time. As you are aware, Indiana regulations have been requested that restaurants no longer provide inside dining. The […]


7 Reasons I LOVE to visit Shipshewana 2nd in a series of Travel Memories by Shipshewana Visitors Shipshewana has something to do all year and our visitors love making it a tradition with friends and family. We are excited to share some of these amazing times with you straight through their own words. Cathy loves coming […]

How Amazing is the Shipshewana Pajama Day Sale

11 Reasons you should be in Shipshewana for Pajama Day Sale The Shipshewana Pajama Sale has become a winter tradition for so many Shipshewana enthusiasts and this year’s celebration is sure to take the cake. Each year, we have tons of amazing people who enjoy an overnight stay in one of our beautiful Shipshewana hotels […]

I am Blessed to Live in Shipshewana

I love living in Shipshewana, IN and I think the best way to explain it is to tell you about my day this past Saturday. Just 1 good day out of many, but a little snap shot of some of the things I hold dearest. So I got up pretty early to meet the guys […]


For me, the holiday’s in Shipshewana are the most wonderful time of the year. This year is no exception. Let me share with you 5 Shipshewana events that absolutely dazzle me and are bound to dazzle you too. 1. SHIPSHEWANA’S LIGHTS OF JOY DRIVE THROUGH This event is bigger and better than last year. My […]

Make Memories in Shipshewana

Can you believe it is November 7. Only 7 weeks to Christmas. Here in Shipshewana we have finally started to feel the cold with temperatures this morning at 29 degrees along with a beautiful dusting of snow. This is the time of year we all look with wonder and anticipation. Those of us who love […]

Shipshewana Stories

1st in a Series of Travel Journals by Shipshewana Visitors Shipshewana is full of traditions and visitors love creating memories here. We recently asked you to share some of your Shipshewana stories through photos and we can’t wait to share them all so you can discover how others are experiencing making family traditions in Indiana’s […]

6 “Must See” Makers in Shipshewana

Are you a Maker?  Do you admire Makers?  Appreciate Quality Handcrafted items? Shipshewana is blessed to be home of a number of gifted and talented Creators/Makers.  Here are just 6 you’ve got to see when you visit Shipshewana. Kathy McClanahan’s Oil Paintings Watch and visit with Kathy while she paints on just about anything you […]

Yoder Popcorn Fun Fact

by Joanna King What does Yoder popcorn and mint gum have in common? As it turns out…they have quite a history. Did you know? What started out as an accident soon became one of the most iconic names in chewing gum history… and it all started here in LaGrange County. South of Shipshewana just before […]

Pure Honey

Learn About the Birds and Bees in Shipshewana

by Laurie Sherck It seems that people are quite interested in the birds and the bees when they come to Shipshewana. I wanted to find out for myself the curiosity surrounding this interest, so I took a quick drive out into the Shipshewana countryside to talk with the experts themselves.   Green Meadow Houses and Feeders […]