How many sides?

Taken from 101 Things to Do in Shipshewana   by Melissa Troyer If you ask locals the shape of the “Prough Barn,”, they’ll either reply that it is octagonal, or they will answer “round.”  Historical records, however, state that it was built by Menno S. Yoder in 1908 as a model for a design of a […]

Living My Dream in Amish Country

By Marcia Eichhorn I grew up on a farm in Iowa, where my father farmed with horses.  I remember us going to Hazleton, Iowa (an Amish settlement).  We would go to get a harness fixed or to look for a horse to buy.  It was amazing to see the people with different clothing, blue curtains […]

You have to try an Old Amish Recipe at this Shipshewana Candy Store!

Stories// written by Lora Gates This post originally appeared on I love visiting the one-of-a-kind shops all over Shipshewana, and this Shipshewana Candy shop has just made the list for me as another secret stop that I will begin frequenting for their delicious homemade brittle brackle. Located on the second floor of Yoder’s Red […]

Booth Brothers in Concert

The Booth Brothers are coming. At The Shipshewana Event Center Oct 25, 7:30pm – 9:30pm Booth Brothers in concert at the Shipshewana Event Center. For more information contact Blue Gate Theatre at 260-768-4725 or visit